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Friday, June 8, 2012

Rick Salutin: Canadians owe a debt to Quebec’s student strikers (in The Toronto Star)

"Do you ever tire of hearing about everything that’s now impossible and how we need to get real? It’s only in the last few decades that governments became bodies exclusively devoted to eliminating whatever was once built by and for everyone — like public education. Those days lie within historical memory — at a time when our society was less wealthy and its people less educated. They’re also sometimes just a plane ride away, like Finland, where schooling is free right through university — and it’s a lot like Canada, except without our natural resources! It isn’t undoable, it’s merely become unthinkable, except for those neat students in the streets of Quebec.

"They are our Indignados and we owe them."

Full article: Canadians owe a debt to Quebec’s student strikers.