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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Stephen Bede Scharper: Environmentalists have reason for hope in 2014 (in The Toronto Star)

"As we progress toward the New Year, three ... signs of hope ... come to mind.

"First, Bolivia is on the verge of passing one of the most far-reaching environmental bills in history. The “Mother Earth” or Pachamama law, approved by Bolivia’s majority governing party, draws deeply on indigenous concepts that view nature as a sacred home. ...

"A second beacon of hope can be seen emanating from Vatican City in the humble, pastoral and compassionate smile of Pope Francis...

"A third source of hope is the creative, dynamic youth who are embracing the environment as a focus of their studies, avocation and chosen careers."

Environmentalists have reason for hope in 2014: Scharper | Toronto Star

Stephen Bede Scharper is associate professor of environment and religious studies at the University of Toronto. 

Joe Fiorito: The apology at the front door (in The Toronto Star)

"He said, “I cut taxes. I built the subway.” I said, “You’ve raised taxes. You blew millions cancelling the LRT agreement. You built nothing, and you cut services to the poor.”

"“I stopped the gravy train.”

"“There was no gravy train.”"

The apology at the front door: Fiorito | Toronto Star

Wonderful piece by Toronto Star columnist Joe Fiorito - Toronto readers will know exactly who he's talking about!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Rick Salutin: Harper, Hudak and the dangers of an education (in The Toronto Star)

"Tim Hudak is a great example of the damage a good education can do. So is Stephen Harper. Both are products of university economics departments in the late 20th century. Each has a proud M.A. in the field. Like their American cognate — Paul Ryan — they’ve chosen to implement economic policy with no or little experience in the work world....

"...Yves Smith of, ... notes the special delusion of economists: “Every social science save economics rests on the assumption of human irrationality.”"

Rick Salutin: Harper, Hudak and the dangers of an education.

Great article - only slightly tongue-in-cheek! It's good to read someone drawing people's attention to the dangers of the non-science called "economics".